En virkelig stor sejr er i hus - denne dag er magisk!

Four fantastic days in Vancouver!

We had an amazing time in Vancouver! We landed pretty late but we got through the airport easily and quickly arrived at the hotel. We stayed Downtown Vancouver – close to everything.

The first day we spent in Kitsilano Beach Park. The kids loved playing on the beach and even though it wasn’t warm enough for sun bathing in bikini or swimming we enjoyed every second. The kids made obstacle courses with branches and rocks and we had a great lunch sitting in the sand eating amazing veggie burgers made by a local organic food truck. I was very surprised by how great that veggie burger was – I am definitely going to experiment making those…

Here’s a picture of the kids on the beach. It’s amazing how few things they need to have fun for hours – nature has it all! They spent a lot of time playing tic-tac-toe in the sand!

On day two we went to the aquarium and spent some time in Stanley Park which is a huge park – bigger than Central Park. The kids loved the aquarium and especially the different educational shows. Below is a picture where they are being educated about sea turtles and how horrible plastic is and how it interferes with nature.

On day three we took a chance! We had been thinking about going on a whale watching trip, but all the trips would last around six hours and we were not sure this would work at all… We discussed doing a trip where we would fly in a sea plane to a place called Victoria and then go on a boat from there. This would only be a three hour boat trip but the trip in total would still be around six hours. As the weather wasn’t perfect on the day, we decided to do the boat trip and skip the sea plane. We figured it would be a waste of money to go on a sea plane in shitty weather… So, we dressed up in as warm clothes as we had and brought rain ponchos for everyone – yes, it even rained haha. But nothing stopped us and off we went! Leaving the harbour – all dressed in rain ponchos and trying to keep warm – I must admit that I was a little nervous this would turn out as a HUGE failure! Six long hours on a boat in the rain didn’t seem like something anyone would enjoy… And with kids who are prone to motion sickness, I really had my doubts about this decision… Luckily the rain stopped after an hour and we could get rid of the ponchos and start enjoying the stunning views. Oh my gosh, it was beautiful! Sailing amongst the many small islands, watching the wild life, birds, eagles, seals etc, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. – And yes, we did see those spectacular creatures, the orca whales! – Right there, in their natural habitat! It was priceless and I’m so thrilled we got to show our kids how these amazing animals should be living (not in pools for people to be entertained by). I was so proud of our kiddos for managing a six hour trip on a small, open boat. They were so patient and so interested and showed no signs of seasickness. I’m so happy we took the chance and went – this trip was the best! See pictures from this great trip below.

On our last day in Vancouver we went to the Capilano suspension bridge park. This park was also a great experience and the park in general was spectacular. So much green, so much nature – we loved it. The bridge was quite extraordinary and the views amazing. Vitus was a little scared crossing the bridge the first time but it didn’t take him long to feel safe and we all crossed without too much fear. Walking around in the tree tops was also a fun experience and the kids enjoyed looking down at the beautiful river flowing under us and after birds as well as fish in the small ponds in the area. A few pictures below – however, pictures rarely capture all the amazingness 🙂

I highly recommend visiting Vancouver – we had a great time! After Vancouver we flew to Hawaii – specifically Oahu. More about this soon!

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